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new forest cows
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New Forest Cows

Within the New Forest there is a herd of fury locals who make the beautiful forest landscape their home. Cattle are very prominent throughout the New Forest, much like the ponies and pigs; New Forest Cows spend a lot of the summer months grazing throughout the forest.

There are 3000 cattle in the forest during the summer, with numbers reducing during the autumn and winter months as some breeds are hardy enough to brace the winter in the forest. There are roughly a dozen different breeds of cattle in the forest such as Highland Cattle which are more resilient than your Freesian cow.

The best way to see the New Forest cows is by taking a stroll along some of the fantastic New Forest walking routes. Cows are typically gentle and shy in nature but they are notoriously protective of their offspring, therefore it is always best to keep a safe distance. This ensures not only the safety of the animals but visitors too as some breeds of cows can have large horns, which can cause serious injury.

Cows roam the New Forest freely and will often step out in front of traffic with no warning; it is important that you slow down whilst driving through the forest and that you are aware of any wildlife around you. Unfortunately accidents involving cattle does happen, so be sure to carry an animal emergency hotlines card which will give you all the information you need if an accident does happen.
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