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Wedding Planning Advice

Planning your dream wedding can be a stressful but exciting time. It's very true when you hear it's all in the planning. Being organised in the planning stages will mean your wedding will run itself, or at least your venue and suppliers will run it for you.

Top points for planning:

-   Have a budget and stick to it.

-   Get a folder and note pad to be used for only the wedding.

  Keep everything! Invoices, receipts, cuttings from magazines, everything!

-   Recommendations are the key; just because something is cheaper does not mean it's necessarily the right choice, often the stress caused out weighs the money you have saved.

-   Get it done as early as possible, so you actually get some "couple time" in the final run up to the wedding.

  Delegate - Ushers, Bridesmaid, Bestman... they have the honour of being part of your special day and I believe they should pay for it. From stuffing envelopes to Granny duty on the day, often people love to be included however small or simple the task is.

Finally the legal bits, with so much to arrange to make your day perfect do remember to ensure that all the important legal details are taken care of. For full details see the Hampshire County Council wedding pages.