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New Forest Marque

The New Forest Marque is a recognised sign and is easily identifiable; the New Forest Marque ensures that all the produce labelled with the marque is from the New Forest.

In order to qualify for the marque, the New Forest producers have to ensure they make their goods to the stringent quality standards outlined by the Marque. Meat producers, for example, must show a very high standard of animal welfare and good animal husbandry has to be applied at all times, this helps to ensure the best quality local produce is provided.

Due to the soaring success of the New Forest Marque, the New Forest Breakfast was created by top chefs that worked within the New Forest. The New Forest Marque has proved to be a huge hit with the New Forest breakfast and veggie breakfast being sold across the national park. The New Forest Breakfast is made up of at least three items of New Forest Marque produce, which helps guarantee that your hearty breakfast is of the finest quality.

During your visit to the forest you may wish to sample the delicious and top quality produce provided by the area, keep an eye out for the New Forest Marque when you are shopping or dining out. Alternatively you can download the New Forest Marque Local Produce Guide, and find out exactly where you buy delicious local produce with that all important stamp of approval.

By choosing local food that is fresh and in season you will be supporting the dedicated local producers and also the local economy. By supporting New Forest Marque produce you will also be reducing the impact that your food production has had on the environment through aspects such as food miles.

Just remember great food has a great Marque!

If you would like more information on the New Forest Marque please contact:

New Forest Marque 
New Forest National Park Authority
Lymington Town Hall
Avenue Road
SO41 9ZG
T: 01590 646692

Or alternatively please visit the New Forest Marque website.