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The New Forest is a beautiful place full of wildlife and nature, but you may not ever get the chance to see it coming to life as much as this lucky family did a week ago, on their own driveway…

You may have seen in the news recently this wonderful story about a donkey foal being born on one of our locals driveway in Brockenhurst. As this is such an amazing story we thought we would share it with you to let you feel this fantastic experience which was seen and captured by local resident, Martin Sampson and his family, and to find out just how incredible nature really is, especially in The New Forest…

As you can imagine, it was quite a surprise for the family to witness this moment happening on their own driveway. Here are some words from Martin Sampson about what they saw on this lovely morning.

“Very curiously at 9am in the morning, a crowd of 6 donkeys ascended on our driveway, my daughter Ellie (5) and I went to go and look and Ellie noticed that one of them was pregnant.

Ellie and I have visited my sister’s sheep farm in Shropshire every half term for the last two years which has included two lambing seasons. So, Ellie has first-hand experience of understanding nature’s circle of life.

Some of the donkeys were rubbing themselves on the picket fence, to mark their territory. The pregnant donkey then found the most sheltered part of the driveway and lay down, while the other donkeys went on lookout (two of them stood still for two hours solid looking out for danger).

The birth took about an hour, the Mum seemed in no pain at all. After the birth happened two of the donkeys brayed more loudly than normal for many minutes (a warning cry, a celebration cry perhaps). Both our children Ellie (5) and Mattias (2) witnessed the birth.

It took two hours for the new foal to find her feet.

Neighbours have confirmed that a donkey was born on the same driveway 10 years ago (so probably the same family or even the new mum’s place of birth?).

Ellie described the birth as ‘exciting and wonderful to see’ and that the Mum did a really good job.”

Martin added “to have our two witness a birth will no doubt deepen their understanding of nature and the circle of life”.

“Because we live in Victoria Cottage, we decided to call her Victoria. “


Click here for a short clip of video footage of this experience (some may find this footage slightly graphic - so if you are squeamish look away).

Victoria & Mother seen a couple of days later, still hanging around close by in Brockenhurst!...




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