The UK’s number one family theme park, Paultons Park, has just opened a major new world of attractions – NEW FOR 2021!

Visit ‘Tornado Springs’ a storm-ravaged, Midwest desert resort town, and step back to the American heyday of the 1950’s. Covering over four acres and featuring over eight fantastic new rides and experiences along with a new American roadside Diner and authentic garage-themed shop, Tornado Springs is a highway stopover like no other!

A highlight of the new attractions is Storm Chaser, an exhilarating family spinning rollercoaster that takes guests to height of 20 metres above ground before ‘riding the storm’. Storm Chaser is the only rollercoaster of its type in the UK, creating a unique experience for rollercoaster-loving families.

The local residents of Tornado Springs have created the amazing Cyclonator – a huge Gyro Swing spinning pendulum ride, carrying 30 riders at a time and rising to around 25 metres – it is sure to put you in a spin!

The new land also features Al’s Auto Academy – a garage-themed driving school ride with 30 electric cars, which uniquely gives parents the opportunity to hop on board and help guide more novice younger drivers around the track – while slightly older children can take a classic American ride out for a spin by themselves.  All this plus two fun family drop rides called Windmill Towers, the Buffalo Falls water raft ride, and Trekking Tractors completes the line-up of rides available at Tornado Springs.

In addition, the new themed world of Tornado Springs will offer Al’s Shop & Service, a confectionery based shop; Route 83 Diner, a family fast food restaurant; - and two new playgrounds, Parking Lot Tots and Junkyard Junction, to cater for differing age ranges.

Paultons is of course home to the UK exclusive Peppa Pig World. Peppa Pig World has over 5 acres of fully themed fun! There are 9 fabulous rides including The Queen’s Flying Coach Ride, Grampy Rabbit’s Sailing Club, Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter Flight, Peppa’s Big Balloon Ride, Grandpa’s Little Train, George’s Dinosaur Adventure, and you can even ride in a ‘cloud’ around Windy Castle! Peppa Pig World features enchanting play areas and superb animated themed attractions including a chance to visit Peppa and her family in their house!

Peppa Pig World is also home to Daddy Pig’s Big Tummy Café and Peppa’s Toy Shop, the largest (and only!) dedicated Peppa Pig shop in the World! As well as the rides, there are plenty of Peppa friends to meet, with daily appearances from Peppa and George at Madame Gazelle’s School House.

Lost Kingdom is an amazing Dinosaur Theme Park World that features two world class family rollercoasters, life-like animatronic dinosaurs, Jurassic themed family rides, a Prehistoric adventure play park and an amazing opportunity to come face to face with ‘living’, walking Dinosaurs!

Guests can soar high into the skies upon on The Flight of the Pterosaur, a mighty and unique suspended coaster, which takes family adventurers swooping high and low around a prehistoric landscape.

The Dinosaur Tour Co. takes visitors on an exciting 4x4 jeep expedition to come face to face with some of the largest and most fearsome dinosaurs to have walked the planet.

Only the bravest explorers will take on Velociraptor. Those who dare to board this breath-taking family boomerang coaster will sense the speed and agility of the Velociraptor as drops and sweeps around tight bends and through ancient tunnels.

Everyday there is an incredible opportunity to meet ‘living’ tame (ish) walking dinosaurs at Alive – Dinosaur Encounter.

Younger explorers can enjoy iconic views across Lost Kingdom on Temple Heights, choose between riding in a huge dinosaur egg or giant stone on the swirling Boulder-Dash ride, ride the cute mini-coaster, Dino Chase and let off steam at the Little Explorers’ Play Park.

Discover Lost Kingdom and experience a journey to a lost land that will never be forgotten.

Explore Little Africa. See the Park’s own little corner of Africa and discover the amazing animals and birds of the Savannah. From Meerkats, to Porcupines, Lizards to Mongooses there are animals of all shapes and size to delight and entertain. Visit the nocturnal house to see the Fennec Fox, Giant Pouched Rats and African pygmy mice before venturing back into the picturesque free flying aviary to meet Trumpeter Hornbills, Black-Crowned Night Herons, and many, many more fascinating species.

Critter Creek is a world of strange mixed-up creatures known as the ‘Curious Critters’! Meet the Fly-ger or say hello to the Horned Swamp Donkey! You can take a ride on the Cat-o-pillar rollercoaster and discover enormous colourful plants the likes of which have never been seen before. Critter Creek is also home to Professor Blast’s Expedition Express Train, a delightful journey for little ones and Beastie Burrow, a real-life bug emporium complete with fascinating and unusual insects, fish, and lizards!

Top for thrills is the Park’s breath-taking ride, EDGE. Riders swoop and spin through the air reaching a height of 15 metres on a giant disc that travels along a 90-metre track featuring a ‘camelback’ hill to create an amazing floating sensation. EDGE was the first ride of its type in the UK and perfectly complements the Park’s other thrilling rides including The Cobra and Magma.

The largest of Paultons three rollercoasters, The Cobra features an exciting combination of twists, drops and turns that have made it a great family favourite whilst Magma launches riders 25 metres up into the sky only to drop them back down in to the heart of a smoking volcano!

Smaller children will love Water Kingdom!  It’s a whole world of water jets, giant tipping buckets, sprays, fountains, and super soakers for the little ones to enjoy and explore. This huge 8,500ft2 kids’ splash park paradise features more than 20 different ways of getting wet and has a seated patio area nearby so parents can relax whilst watching the fun. Younger children also adore Seal Falls and the Digger Ride.

There is an amazing variety of things to see and do at Paultons including big rides, small rides, play areas, entertainments and an astonishing collection of exotic birds and animals, all set within 140 acres of beautiful parkland.

Enjoy a day full of laughter, thrills and fun at Paultons Park, winner of the Trip Advisor Travellers’ Choice Award for the best UK theme park for 2016 - 2020!

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