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When you think of a corporate event location, The New Forest may not initially spring to mind.

However, with its vast open spaces, greenery, fresh air, and abundance of activities and opportunities, The New Forest actually is the ideal setting for corporate events, as it provides a relaxing atmosphere and breaks away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

This week, we’re exploring the many benefits of hosting your corporate event in The New Forest.

Spending Time Outdoors is Beneficial

The great outdoors is, for many, a sanctuary. Away from busy offices and bustling cities, many people find that they can reconnect with themselves in the countryside.

It’s a place for being at one with nature and reaping the calming benefits that are associated with being around the earth’s elements. Breathing in the clean, fresh air has many physical and mental health benefits, such as reducing anxiety and increasing the amount of oxygen that is transported through your body.

Retreating to the countryside allows people to take a break from their busy lifestyles, encouraging them to re-energise their minds, bodies and souls.

Fresh air can help you to focus your mind and boost your mental performance, meaning your team will be physically and mentally ready to participate fully.

Corporate Event Entertainment: Activities in the New Forest

The New Forest is home to walks through the woodlands, across the open fields and around vast lakes - perfect for exploring as part of a teambuilding activity, or for people to do in their free time as part of their unwinding process.

Here at Balmer Lawn, we offer a range of educational, interesting and exciting activities that help people to connect with nature. These include stargazing with our astronomer after dinner (whilst wrapped in blankets with a hot drink), energising yoga on our lawns, and cocktail masterclasses with our own mixologist.

Each offers something different and unique and embodies our passion for having fun whilst reconnecting with the great outdoors.

Corporate Event Entertainment: Indoor/Outdoor Flow

We like to ensure our rooms are well equipped for delivering outstanding corporate events - but we also like to incorporate nature into the meetings.

We have an indoor/outdoor flow area that helps to create the feeling of bringing the outdoors in; we believe that plenty of greenery and lots of natural light will help to create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

Being in nature helps to boost creativity, and so incorporating it into our board rooms can help people focus and come up with some brilliant ideas.

Why is Balmer Lawn the Idyllic Setting for Your Corporate Event?

Here at Balmer Lawn, we offer a range of food options for your events; from buffet-style lunches to formal dinners, we can cater for your needs. We even make our own beer!

We’re situated in Brockenhurst, so you have a direct train line to London Waterloo; we’re also near the M27 and easily accessible from Southampton and Bournemouth airports.

We have a range of rooms to accommodate you and your guests; from outdoor areas, to boardrooms and to suites, ensuring that whatever your company looks like, you’ll be catered for.

If you’d like to book your corporate event, please contact a member of our team.

Alternatively, if you’d like to know more about our corporate event entertainment, why not watch our video showcasing the highlights of our events?




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