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  • Take a look at our spring wildlife from your home
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    Take a look at our spring wildlife from your home

    We know this is a difficult time, and the fact you can’t visit the New Forest to see our gorgeous spring wildlife might be making it even harder for you, so we thought we’d give you a little update on our spring wildlife that you can look at and enjoy from your own home.

  • Our Unmissable Autumn Colours

    Our Unmissable Autumn Colours

    The clocks have gone back, the days are growing shorter and winter has started to beckon. So, may we proudly present one of Mother Nature’s greatest free shows? Autumn in the New Forest! As the temperature drops our magical forest is transformed from a solid green canopy to a wonderland of colour as the leaves on our trees turn scarlet, orange, pink and gold.

  • Be a forest friendly visitor
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    Be a forest friendly visitor

    Strange as it may sound, one of the reasons the magical New Forest looks so wild and beautiful is because of us humans!

    It was King William the Conqueror who started it all, after he invaded in 1066. And, in the main, it’s the activities of the Commoners and their ponies...

  • Summer Wildlife in the New Forest
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    Summer Wildlife in the New Forest

    In the summer months there’s nothing better that getting outside and exploring all the wonders of nature. Summer is a great time to embark on a nature walk and take in some of the sights of newly-born animals or to try and spot some of our National Park’s more elusive residents.

  • Spring Has Sprung!

    Spring Has Sprung!

    The clocks are forward, the sun is out, the flowers are blooming and in the New Forest that means only one thing – Spring has sprung! After the long, dark winter our magical New Forest is bursting into life so now’s the time to take a wander through our Ancient Woodland to watch the leaves emerge.

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