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Our game – and why it is so glorious

For a food that’s been around since cavemen got a bit bored with veggies and berries, game is still a mystery to too many diners.

What is it? Where does it comes from? And – let’s be honest – how does it arrive on your plate?

The Glorious Game of the New Forest really got going when William the Conqueror declared the ‘nueva foresta’ his royal hunting ground for deer. Now the Forest is a rich source of game, which is generally considered to be the wildest and most naturally-produced meat you can eat.

High in taste and low in fat (they only eat natural, seasonal food), our New Forest venison comes from various species of deer including Roe, Red, Fallow and Sika. They roam freely across the ancient woodland and are shot as part of a seasonal, environmentally-controlled programme.

But venison is only one part of our game story. Tuck into a roasted pheasant, or guinea fowl, wood pigeon or rabbit. Like our deer they have lived and eaten wild and been humanely culled.

If you’ve never experienced the joys of eating native British game, here’s what to do - join our Game and Wine night at Beresford’s Restaurant at the Balmer Lawn Hotel on Wednesday November 2.

This evening will represent the best of New Forest game – a six-course tasting menu with a reception, drink and wines chosen to accompany each course which will be introduced by a speaker.

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