Our Animal Fact Files will focus on one animal that you can find in the New Forest and each blog will share lots of interesting facts about our animals, so everyone can learn and understand more about the wonderful wildlife in our beautiful National Park…

Top facts about Cattle in the New Forest:

There are approximately 3,000 cattle roaming the forest throughout the year

There are around a dozen different breeds of cattle in the New Forest – including Highland Cattle, Friesian Cow and Galloway and Hereford Cross Breeds

- Cattle roam freely in the New Forest, but they are owned by Commoners of the forest (people who have the right to depasture their animals on forest land)

The best time to see the cows roaming in the forest are in the spring and summer seasons as most cattle are usually removed from the open forest in the autumn, due to being susceptible to poisoning from fallen acorns.  Many are also kept in during the winter months too,, other than those hardy breeds who can brace the winter conditions

Cattle in the New Forest are typically known to be gentle and shy but are also are very curious

Cattle are notoriously protective of their offspring

Bulls aren’t allowed to roam on the forest


Please always follow the New Forest Code in the New Forest. Do not touch or feed the animals. Be careful when driving through the forest, as the animals have little to no road sense. See the full New Forest Code below: