Food & Drink in Ringwood

Ringwood is a popular place to eat out for both locals and visitors alike. Head to the centre of the town for a wide array of choice including independently owned cafes and restaurants through to the high street favourites. You will find traditional English, Italian, Chinese and Indian restaurants dotted around.

Plus you can find some wonderful pubs, inns, cafes and restaurants in the small villages and hamlets around the Ringwood area too. The New Queen in Avon is a brilliant location to catch up with friends, gather with family, take the kids out for a treat or relax on a romantic date night. With tempting menus, a beautiful garden with stunning views and regular live music, it's a great place to be. 

To the north of Ringwood, at Rockford, the Alice Lisle Inn is a popular stop for walker and cyclists. Head just up the road to Hockey's Farm - Farmyard Cafe and enjoy some delicious local food and drink, including bakes goods, sandwiches, breakfasts & more. Whilst you're there you can have a look around the farm and visit the animals, then head to their amazing farm shop, where you can buy some local produce for home.

Take a look below for some ideas on where you can stop for a refreshment break in and around Ringwood. 

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