There’s a huge array of berries grown at local farms in the New Forest - plus you’ll also find some berries growing wild in the New Forest and along the streets in our towns and villages

Strawberries are one of the most popular and favoured types of berry. Strawberries are usually grown and picked at local farms between June and early October! At some local farms, you can even go and enjoy an afternoon of strawberry picking - choosing the biggest and best strawberries to pop into your punnet and take home with you. 

Another popular type of berry that is grown in our New Forest farms is raspberries! You will typically see raspberries growing between July and October - you can also go and pick your own raspberries at some farms across the New Forest too. 

Blackberries are the berries that you will find growing in some locations across the New Forest, as well as at local farms. Head out on a guided foraging walk to find and pick some wild blackberries - but we wouldn’t suggest that you pick and eat blackberries you find, without expert assistance. At local farms, blackberries grow between the end of July and the start of October. 

Other, less known, berries that are grown at local farms are Gooseberries and Tayberries. Both of which have a very short harvesting time, of just a few weeks, usually around July. 

You can buy these delicious, juicy berries from farm shops across the New Forest, including Cat & Fiddle FarmHockey's Farm and Sopley Farm. Plus at other local produce shops and greengrocers

Local berries are used to create tasty treats at local restaurants and pubs, especially in fruity desserts - and even in cocktails, too! 

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