New Forest Guided Tours

Take a tour through the New Forest and discover our unique wildlife and nature, including our famous free-roaming ponies, stunning floral landscapes and ancient woodlands. Explore our quaint towns and villages and fantastic historic sites! 

Guided Walks and Tours 

There is really no better way to explore the depths of the beautiful New Forest than on foot. Head out on a brilliant guided walk and discover even more stunning sights and incredible wildlife in our wonderful National Park. 

Many great companies in the New Forest offer guided walks. Whether it’s a 1-1 walk, group walk, themed walk or bespoke walk you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find something that suits all your guided walking wants and needs. 

Wild New Forest hosts brilliant guided walking events on a regular basis, all dotted across the New Forest in fantastic locations. They also offer personal guided walks, too. Or, try something completely different and book onto a guided walk with a donkey, with Brockenhurst Donkey Walks

Cycling Tours 

If you want to cover a bigger area of the New Forest on a tour, then a cycling tour is perfect for you! Hop on your bike (or hire one locally) and enjoy a fun-filled, educational and stunning cycling tour through the New Forest. We have over 140 miles of cycling paths in the forest, so there is plenty of places to explore with your tour guide. 

New Forest Cycling Tours are a brilliant local company who offer many different cycling tour options. 

Bus Tours & the New Forest Tour 

Get onboard the bus and take on your own New Forest ‘safari’ ride on a bus tour. Relax on a bus and get driven around the New Forest, seeing lots of our wonderful free-roaming animals, ancient woodlands and landscapes along the way. 

The New Forest Tour Bus is the perfect bus tour to experience. Running throughout the summer months, this open top tour bus will take you around the roads of the New Forest in style, with special commentaries telling stories of the New Forest bringing the New Forest to life on the trip. You can hop on and off of 3 different routes with the same ticket! 

Boat Tours 

Sail across our rivers and seas on a fantastic boat tour! You might not think it, but the New Forest has over 40 miles of coastline, as well as lovely rivers flowing through our destination. Boat tours are a great way to discover the New Forest from a different view, plus you may even catch a glimpse of wetland wildlife too. 

Airfield Tours

The New Forest is home to 12 airfields, which are now disused but were once full of action and saved the forest from much damage during the wars gone by. Friends of The New Forest Airfields Heritage Centre He have designed two tours to explore these airfields and find out more fascinating information. Fill out their online form and receive the PDFs for the tours!

Enjoy your tour of the New Forest! 

THE NEW FOREST TOUR IS RETURNING ON SATURDAY 1ST JULY 2023!   Take an open-top safari with grandstand views of the scenery, animals and villages of the New Forest National Park. Tours run daily, with a choice of three routes: Red (the wild northwest), Green (the beautiful southeast) and Blue…

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