Local Eggs

In most local farm shops, and even at some convenience stores, dotted around the New Forest, you will find crates of local eggs that you can buy. 

Our local eggs are handpicked from flocks of happy hens from lovely independent farms across the New Forest. The love and care given to these hens makes our local eggs incredibly fresh and tasty. You’ll never want to buy supermarket eggs again! 

One local supplier in the New Forest that is well known for their amazing eggs is Fluffetts Farm, located at Hockey’s Farm in South Gorley. Fluffetts Farm are dedicated to being free range, with their hens being well-nurtured on their carefully managed farms and eggs being produced in the traditional way, their eggs are some of the best around. 

Many restaurants, pubs and cafes in the New Forest are proud to serve and use local, free range eggs in their dishes, making their food even more delicious. Our local eateries are great places to try our local eggs. 

Sample our fresh, local produce on a visit here to the New Forest. You will be surprised by just how many culinary treats you will find!

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