Some people love them, and some people hate them… either way you’ll be interested to come and see the magnificent mushrooms that grow in the New Forest

The New Forest is home to around 2,700 different species of mushroom and fungi, that grow on the forest floors and on fallen trees during the autumn months, October in particular. The mushrooms and fungi found in the New Forest comes in all sorts of different shapes, colours and sizes - some are so weird looking that you won’t even realise that it is a fungi or mushroom species! 

Although we are home to thousands of different species, mushrooms found in the New Forest should not be consumed and should just be admired and not picked.

There are a few companies in the New Forest that offer foraging guided walks, with special mushroom foraging in the autumn. Walk through the beautiful New Forest and learn about the mushrooms and fungi in the New Forest from local experts. 

Sample our fresh, local produce on a visit here to the New Forest. You will be surprised by just how many culinary treats you will find!

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