Hospitality Personalities

We’re incredibly lucky in the New Forest to have hundreds of spectacular hospitality businesses dotted around, for residents and visitors to enjoy and create unforgettable memories at. And lots of these hospitality businesses are based around delicious food and drink

From pubsinnscafes and restaurants, to hotelsholiday parks and bed & breakfasts, even local attractions and activity centres with their own cafes and restaurants on site! All of these fabulous places to eat and drink have staff working day in, day out, to produce the best food and drink and the greatest experiences possible for their guests. 

Whether it’s the chefs in the kitchens, the waiting staff hosting out front, the owner of the local business working hard behind the scenes or the gardeners taking care and growing the best produce for their kitchens and bars to use, we want to celebrate these people over the next year and give them the love and support they deserve for all their hard work. 

See below to find out which hospitality staff members have been chosen and find out more about them and their jobs with stories, photographs and videos...

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