Salads are fantastically versatile, eaten as main meals, side dishes and as filling or topping on various foods. And we’re not just talking lettuce, there are so many local crops grown in the New Forest that can make salads more delicious and exciting! 

Tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, asparagus, sweetcorn, potatoes, beans and loads more vegetables, are all grown at farms across the New Forest and are all great additions to lettuce to make mouth-watering salad dishes. 

Lots of farm shops, local produce shops and greengrocers sell different salad veggies, including Cat & Fiddle Farm, Hockeys Farm and Sopley Farm

From main meals to colourful sides, you will find locally grown salads across the menu at many of our fantastic restaurantspubs and cafes in the New Forest. With their delicious creations of flavourful salads, using a mix of local crops and other local produce - ordering a salad at our local eateries are a great way to try out local salad crops and get in a few of your 5 a day. 

Sample our fresh, local produce on a visit here to the New Forest. You will be surprised by just how many culinary treats you will find!

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