Bonfire Night and Fireworks Displays in the New Forest

If you are looking for a bonfire night in the New Forest or a firework display in the New Forest look no further. Fireworks are traditionally a celebration to mark November 5th, or more commonly termed ‘Guy Fawkes night’ or ‘bonfire night’. You will find there are several firework displays that take place in and around the New Forest around early November.

It's time to take your eyes to the sky and enjoy all the colours that the rainbow has to offer. Wrap up warm and gather with family and friends to watch some spectacular displays taking place across the New Forest.

Firework displays traditionally usually included traditional treats as parkin cake which is made up of treacle, ginger, syrup and oatmeal. Some other treats included baked potatoes and soups cooked on the bonfire; however you are more likely to find candy floss, cinder toffee and hot chocolate at today’s firework displays.

If you are organising a fireworks event that we haven’t mentioned, please submit details of it via our event form.

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