For some people, it’s the most awaited and best day of the year… Happy Pancake Day!

Shrove Tuesday, or Pancake Day as it’s more commonly referred as, is the day of feasting before the beginning of Lent the following day. Traditionally, Shrove Tuesday was the last opportunity to use up eggs and fats before starting a time of ‘fasting’ from Ash Wednesday until Easter, and what better treat to make and delve into than pancakes?!

We all love celebrating this food-based day that is in our calendars every year, and there are many options of ways to mark the special occasion in the New Forest.

You’ll find delicious pancakes (and crepes) on the menus all year around at local cafes and tearooms, from breakfast pancakes to dessert pancakes, making them the perfect place to lick the plate clean of deliciousness. On this day, many restaurants and pubs across the New Forest have a special one-day-only menu available. Choose from a variety of different toppings, including savoury and sweet options, plus in some places you can choose between American-style or French-style pancakes too – yum!

Or, if you fancy having a go at flipping your own pancakes at home, head to a local farm shop to pick up some top-quality ingredients to make up your feast. From local eggs, milk and flour, to local fudge, sauces and bacon for toppings, you can purchase all the ingredients you need to make pancakes at home from local producers in the New Forest. Check out our amazing local farm shops and visit them today and fill up your shopping bags – some may even have pre-made pancake day packages available!

After a pancake day treat, get outside for a walk, or even a bike ride, in the New Forest to help your pancakes go down nicely. 

However you choose to spend it, you batter have a great Pancake Day!