We know this is a difficult time, and the fact you can’t visit the New Forest to see our gorgeous spring wildlife might be making it even harder for you, so we thought we’d give you a little update on our spring wildlife that you can look at and enjoy from your own home.


The bluebells are currently out in full force! The carpets of bluebells in the forest woodland is truly breathtaking, even more so when you stop and listen and can hear the bees buzzing within the bluebells and the birdsong coming from the trees around, it’s a real spring experience. However, these next weeks will probably be the last week that the bluebells stand tall and vivid, but don’t worry, they will be back next year. The end of April and start of May is usually the ultimate time to see the bluebells in the New Forest every year, so keep note of that for next year and come and see them for yourself in 2021!

For a beautiful virtual experience of our bluebells, check out our latest YouTube video. The beauty is that you can keep playing it over and over so the bluebells never end!


New Forest Ponies and their foals…

Everyone loves our famous New Forest Ponies. There are approximately 5,000 free roaming ponies in the New Forest, with the mares giving birth during the springtime. This season welcomes new life into the forest and witnessing the foals taking their first steps, being cared for and protected by their mothers and enjoying the spring sunshine, is truly an incredible sight. Visit the New Forest next spring to experience the joys of seeing our frolicking foals for yourself, and in the meantime, we hope you enjoy these adorable images below!



As well as new born New Forest Ponies, you will also see new born calves at this time of year too. A few days after being born, they are particularly cute and fluffy, making the New Forest sights even more wonderful.

*photo credit : new_forest_cobs - Instagram


We can’t forget our donkeys! We think you will agree that there is nothing cuter than a new born donkey!. They are ‘all legs’ when they are born, then a few days later turning into small balls of fuzz, wandering the forest with their mother, seeing what mischief they can get up to from an early age!

Did you see the video of a donkey being born on a local resident’s driveway in late spring a few years back? Check it out on our Facebook to see the magic.

Other flora and fauna

If you look at the trees for too long at the moment their stunning brightness and vibrancy might hurt your eyes! (joking!). In the last few weeks the leaves on the trees have burst into that fresh colour that tells us Spring has truly arrived– a mix of glorious sunshine and a dose of rain must’ve really helped them! After a long, dark winter, the leaves have really brightened the forest up and its beauty is stunning – it’s not just the trees and the bluebells, lots of other flora has come out to say ‘hello’ recently too, covering the forest with even more wonderful splashes of colour and happiness.

Spring is a sensational time in the New Forest, so why don’t you plan a break for this time next year, once everything has blown over, and come and experience all of this beauty for yourself. You’re guaranteed to fall even more in love with this wonderful place…