Pass GO, collect two hundred pounds and advance to The New Forest, which is getting its very own official MONOPOLY game.

The news of this unique twist to the world’s most famous board game comes as The New Forest sees off 19 other areas of ‘Outstanding Beauty’ across the UK in a vote by Winning Moves (the makers of this game). The factors taken into consideration by games’ bosses in this 20-way contest were: ‘Sense of Family and Community’ ; ‘Civic Pride’ ;  ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’ ; ‘Stunning landmarks’.

Move your pony token from the Bolderwood square to the Rufus Stone square… you have the chance to make a vote to suggest the landmarkscustomised cards and four of the tokens to feature in the game! 

Have your say on what you think should be included in the game by emailing: or via the official MONOPOLY: New Forest Facebook pageThe deadline for public nominations is 23.59pm on 24th August 2022. 

Landmarks expected to be nominated include The National Park (of course – a shoo in surely to land on for top spot Mayfair?), Rufus Stone, Knightwood Oak, Bolton’s Bench, The Huff Duff, Bolderwood and Moors Valley. For the tokens, a pony to replace the Scottie Dog and walking boots rather than the usual boot token. For the customised cards, players could be sent 'Back 3 Spaces' for not staying on the main cycle tracks! 

Over the last 25 years Winning Moves has produced official versions of MONOPOLY .. from Dubai to Dublin .. and Sydney to San Antonio. Now the dice is rolling on The New Forest. 

The MONOPOLY: New Forest Edition will hit the shops next spring, in time for Easter 2023 - We cannot wait to see the finished product and make the New Forest come to life in a brilliant and iconic board game!