Happy first day of spring! The days start to get longer, the weather gets warmer and flowers begin to bloom… it’s no wonder it’s one of the best seasons of the year. And where better to enjoy the delights of this wonderful season than in the New Forest?

Here are our top 10 reasons to visit the New Forest in spring…

1. Newborn animals. Of course this is our top reason why you should visit the New Forest in spring. If you come to walkcycle or relax in our National Park this spring, the likelihood that you’ll spot a young foal, fawn or calf is very high! There isn’t a cuter sight to see than these baby animals frolicking across the grass and cuddling up with their mums. If you’re lucky, you might even see the magical birth of one of our newest free roaming animals take place and watch the little cutie take their first steps on our forest floors.

Please remember to keep your distance from all free-roaming animals, especially mothers and their foals during this special time of year. Keep your dogs on a lead around newborn animals and never pet or feed any free-roaming animals.

2. Colourful floraWhen exploring the New Forest in the spring, everywhere you look, you’ll see all the different colours of the rainbow radiating from the stunning flowers blooming across our magnificent landscapes. The New Forest really does spring to life and bursts with explosions of breath-taking colours during the spring season.

3. Bright leaves on treesAs well as the beauty of these delicate flowers popping up throughout our woodland, the leaves on the trees also bring so much gorgeous colour and vibrancy to the New Forest as they come to life over spring. Creating a lovely green canopy over walking paths in our woodlands, it’s the ideal time to discover the true beauty of the New Forest, with mesmerising shades of green when looking left, right, up or down!

4. Strong scents. Whether it’s a refreshing coconut-y smell from the yellow gorse, the overpowering smell of pine on a hot day or the botanical smell of bluebells, there are so many delightful scents to take in and enjoy in the New Forest. Follow the wonderful smells under your nose and let them lead you around our winding footpaths.

5. Your spirits will be lifted. The start of spring brings much happiness to many people, after a long winter waiting for those brighter days… and the New Forest is the best place to experience the full spring season. Being surrounded by enchanting ponies and heavenly flowers displays, the New Forest will boost your wellbeing and put you in the best mood possible – one of the best natural tonics, and it’s free!

6. Beautiful bluebells. We can’t forget about one of the main stars of the show in spring – the glorious bluebells. The floors of the New Forest will be flooded with a carpet of purple and blue hues in the late spring, all thanks to the bluebells.  The ethereal blue haze created by these bell-shaped flowers is a spring sight that you don’t want to miss!

7. The return of sunshine. It’s been long awaited, but the beaming, warm sun will finally return in the spring! Your serotonin will be topped up and will make you feel invigorated. Plus, you’ll be able to capture those special spring moments, with the perfect lighting the sun provides for your photographs for free.

8. Many attractions re-open. Many of our top attractions close over the quiet winter period, but come spring they swing their doors open to welcome back our wonderful guests and visitors. The whole family can get hands-on with adorable animals at our local farms, be submerged in pure natural beauty at our outstanding gardens or take a ride on a thrilling rollercoaster.

9. Afternoon tea. Spring is the perfect time to indulge and treat yourself to a delicious afternoon tea. Nothing says a well spent spring afternoon than delicate finger sandwiches, scones loaded with cream and jam, tasty cakes and desserts and a warming cuppa, or even a glass of bubbly. Many locations offer afternoon teas indoors or on terraces or in gardens too.

10. Easter celebrations. With the New Forest booming with the delights of spring, why not make this Easter the best yet and celebrate amongst the stunning wildlife and nature in the New Forest? From family ambles through the forest and getting involved in eggs-cellent seasonal events, to mouth-watering options for Easter lunch or packing up a chocolate filled picnic!

Please keep your distance from all free roaming animals, especially mothers and their foals and calves. Please do not feed or pet the animals – enjoy the wonderful sights from a distance.