The New Forest is full of beautiful views, with free-roaming animals, ancient trees, vast landscapes and special wildlife, but nothing beats a view where you can see for miles in the distance. That’s why we’ve listed some of our top locations for breathtaking views in the New Forest:

1. Piper’s Wait: Nestled near the charming village of Nomansland in the northern part of the Forest, Piper’s Wait is the pinnacle of New Forest, at around 140 metres above sea level. Marvel at the distant views of Watership Down to the northeast, the historic Danebury Hillfort near Andover, and the scenic Isle of Wight.

2. The Huff Duff: This delightful gem of the National Trust’s Ibsley Common walk owes its name to its historical role as a High Frequency Direction Finding (HF/DF) station. While the original structure and its rotating aerial have vanished, visitors can still explore a nearby military bunker and enjoy sprawling views of the heathland and autumn-hued silver birches.

The Huff Duff in the New Forest
Image - The Huff Duff

3. Bratley View: As suggested by its name, this area offers stunning views of a stunning valley with flaring gorse and, when in season, a vibrant purple heather blanket. For an unforgettable experience, visit on a misty morning and watch the landscape magically reveal itself.

4. Hurst Spit: Stretching into the Solent from Milford on Sea, this shingle spit rewards those who navigate its path with breathtaking views of the Western Solent and the proximal Isle of Wight. Hurst Castle, located on the spit, offers a wonderful experience and even more beautiful views.

Aerial view of Hurst Castle in the New Forest
Image - Hurst Castle

5. Castle Hill: Situated near Godshill, it is belived that an ancient castle was built in 1148 on the site of an Iron Age hill fort. This location offers magical views across the Avon Valley to the Wiltshire hills.

6. Blissford Hill: Opening to a view of vast heathland, with spots of trees in the distance, this is a view you don’t want to miss. See if you can spot any free-roaming animals grazing or frolicking across the landscape – binoculars are ideal for this location!

View at Blissford Hill in the New Forest
Image - Blissford Hill

7. Calshot Castle: The brilliant views from Henry VIII’s coastal fort’s central tower are well worth the entrance fee. Gaze across Southampton Water at ocean liners, racing yachts, and the industrial landscape of Fawley, along with the beauty of the eastern forest.

8. Bolton’s Bench: On the edge of Lyndhurst lies this hill, shrouded in the legend of the Bisterne Dragon and the knight Berkeley. After a fierce battle that led to the dragon's defeat, both the beast and Berkeley found their resting place here, marked by a yew tree believed to have grown from Berkeley’s buried bow. The spot offers serene views of the village and is an ideal place to watch the sunset.

Boltons Bench in Lyndhurst in the New Forest
Image - Boltons Bench

9. Telegraph Hill: Named for its role in the 19th-century signalling system developed to convey military messages during the Napoleonic Wars, this hill near Bramshaw now stands as a peaceful vantage point for sunrise and sunset views, as well as spotting birds of prey that live in the New Forest.

10. Lepe Beach: Although this spot is at sea level, Lepe Beach presents one of the forest's most stunning coastal views, echoing the beauty that once captured Queen Victoria’s heart. This historic site, with remnants of D-Day Mulberry Harbours, also shares a fascinating connection with the Titanic’s final journey from Southampton.