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Pack a Picnic

A picnic in the New Forest is a summer favourite and the perfect pastime on a sunny day! Get together with family and friends, or enjoy some quiet time with someone close, and head out into the New Forest to enjoy the ultimate alfresco dining experience in our National Park. Grazing through a…

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It’s Picnic Time in the New Forest!

If there’s a better way to enjoy fabulous food and drink and get close to nature, then we haven’t heard about it yet! Picnics are a great way to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air and they’re also ideal for spotting our free roaming animals, but the best bit has got to be the delicious food. To…

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Top 10 Places for a Picnic in the New Forest

Picnics are one of the Great British traditions. And no wonder – not only are they the best way we know to eat food (no fuss and formality) they’re also an inexpensive, fun way to spend time outdoors together as a family. When it comes to picnics, where you eat is as important as what you eat which…

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