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Donkey Infographic

The New Forest donkeys can be found throughout the forest all year round. Far less donkeys are found in the New Forest than ponies – there’s only 1 New Forest donkey for every 30 New Forest ponies! The New Forest donkeys are far more docile than the New Forest ponies; however they should never be…

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Infographic: New Forest Ponies

For a very long time, the New Forest has been the home to its most beloved residents: The wonderful New Forest ponies. The New Forest ponies are wild, but also owned by the New Forest Commoners. The ponies found in the New Forest are all pure New Forest breeds. Colour, markings and branding ensure…

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Infographic: Road Safety For The New Forest Wild Animals

In 2014, 68 animals were killed and injured on the New Forest roads… 58% of these incidents were local drivers. 77% of these incidents occured at night. 27% of these incidents were not reported. So… what can you do to prevent this? Keep your speed down! It’s 40mph for a reason. Be aware at dusk…

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